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Thanks again Bright Lamont, my credit score was 605 on Exprian, 607 on Equifax and 605 on Transunion.....I had a fraudulent collection of $188 on Credit Karma that brought my Credit Score down drastically. Bright Lamont with his knowledge help me quickly dispute a collection and it was removed. My Credit Score has never been Higher ! ! ! I can't say enough about Bright Lamont, he went above and beyond helping me, My new score is 717.

Mark Kuban
Dallas, Texas

I want to thank Bright Lamont, he is definitely the real deal, he helped my credit score go from a 600 to 740 credit score and a few months, I purchased his book and it was well worth every penny. Thank you again Bright Lamont.

Jamal Mosley
Fort Worth, Texas
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